January 29, 2009

Anyone feel my pain?

A post yesterday and a post today. You guys must be in heaven! :)

Ok, so I know this probably isn't something most of you have dealt with, but I am about done with people asking me, "When are you going to start looking pregnant?"

Ok, so I will be at 24 weeks tomorrow, and my baby is healthy and moving like crazy. Let's just say I'm pretty sure he's in there. Most people have the opposite problem, but I swear, I think I would be happy to hear, "Wow, you're huge." But I think it'll be my luck that after I have the baby, strangers will start asking when I'm due.

Tell me, am I alone here??


timpani76 said...

This happened with my first pregnancy too. I could wear my jeans until 5 months. Somewhere between 6-7 months I just "popped" and no one could NOT tell I was super pregnant.

I read somewhere that your uterus is tighter with the first pregnancy, and get more and more stretched out with each pregnancy. I definitely started showing earlier with QQ bear, and I gained less weight with her, so it was not weight gain.

Renae said...

Yes, but that was forever ago. People used to be afraid to ask me about my pregnancy because they were afraid that I'd miscarried. That was with Lydia. You do gradually get bigger. I was wearing all maternity clothes by 4 months along this last go round.