January 15, 2009

Which one?

Ok, so we should find out tomorrow if we're having a boy or a girl. Yippee!! We are totally stoked. I just pray that my child is cooperative. :) What do you think? Will it be a boy or a girl?


Jeanette and Jason said...

I really have no idea. When I first found out you were pregnant I thought girl but as time goes on I think boy. That may be because you think it's a boy though. I think I will stick with boy. I'm so totally excited to find out though. In my dream last night I asked you what time your appointment was and you said 3:30. So what time is your appointment tomorrow because if it's 3:30 that's just freaky? :) I thought it was funny that I dreamed that though. Hurray for tomorrow.
Jason's prediction is girl.

Amy said...

I'm going with boy, too.

You better call me tomorrow.

lizS said...

heck i dunno, lol! let us all know though; your fans in the blogsphere are on pins and needles here!

Nathan and Micah said...

did you find out yet??