January 28, 2009

Random Questions

1. What’s something that grosses you out?
Eyeballs are disgusting. Little balls in your head that are all liquidy and squishy. Ew, ew, EW. Totally gross.

2. What’s something you’ve held onto for a long time that you need to get rid of?
Realized yesterday that keeping a box (or boxes in my case) full of clothes that I’m never going to wear is stupid. I mean, seriously, when am I going to pull those out? We went through them, and I couldn’t even remember some of them! And really, the ones you “hope to be able to wear again…” Those have seriously gotta go. Talk about depressing.

3. What’s something that makes you sad?
I can’t stand the book Of Mice and Men. I actually enjoy a sad book/movie now and again, but there’s something that is horribly depressing about that book. Michael said “bunnies” yesterday. (We weren’t even talking about that book!) I started to cry and had to distract myself with something else. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an extremely well-written book, but I just can’t stand the depression I got when I read it. Mike and I read it together and when we finished, I literally cried for 1 ½ hours. There was no consoling me. Maybe that makes me sound crazy. Maybe I am. But, man….

4. If you could live in any time, when and where would it be?
Massachusetts in the mid-late 1800’s. I might have a slight obsession with Louisa May Alcott books. What a great, simple time. I would love it. (Except for the lack of electricity and modern medicine – my poor Beth….)

5. If you could play any instrument really well, what would it be?
Mine is a toss-up between the cello and the piano. The piano is much more useful in the church and all, but I just melt for cello music. It’s so deep and beautiful!

6. Who are your top 3 people to meet (dead or alive)?
I’m not going to say anything religious, because those are a little too obvious and hard to limit. I would say one would be my grandpa. He died when I was only a baby, and I have always wanted to know him. Two, I would probably say Abraham Lincoln. He was such a cool guy, and he would be so interesting to talk to! Third, (and this is really hard to narrow down by the way) I guess I would have to go with Jim Henson. A man who makes his living making Muppets? I’ve gotta talk to him. Sesame Street was my life when I was a little kid, and I still watch it when I can. (Although not the recent episodes. Elmo’s World? What is that?? But that's a rant for another blog, another time.)

7. What’s something about yourself that you normally keep quiet?
I spend my time in sacrament meeting trying to think of which famous person or animal the speaker looks like. I stop when I realize I’m doing it. (Usually.) We seriously had Thomas Edison’s twin speak on Sunday. No joke.

8. What’s one thing that is always guaranteed to make you laugh?
When Mike’s family gets together to tell stories, I always laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. They have the weirdest, funniest stories to tell.

9. What hasn’t changed about yourself since you were a kid?
My ditzy-ness. I was the biggest space-case in the world as a kid. That has definitely stayed with me. I picked up a pair of baby pants in the laundry (a new occurrence for us) and was shocked at how much they had shrunk in the wash. It seriously took me a full minute to realize they were for the Jellybean. We don't even own any grown-up pants that looked like that....

10. What is one of your vices?
Popcap games (www.popcap.com). I don’t play them often, but can definitely get sucked into one like a bad tornado if I give myself the chance.

Now it’s your turn!


Jeanette and Jason said...

I totally want to go to the Jacobs house sometime with you when they tell stories. Not only do I love the family but I want to laugh.

Karen said...

Come on down, Bob Barker!