October 1, 2014

They're Not Babies But Someone Is...

Lately I've been thinking how big my little kiddos are getting.  I still think of them as my babies, but I have to let them grow up.  (Darn it.)
Little One #1
Little One #2
 Little One #3
Little One #4.....
Wait.  Where's the picture?  Oh that's right.  We have to wait until April 25th to meet the newest of the crew.
Yes, we are super excited.  Yes, the kids are super excited.
When asked if they wanted a boy or girl, they all said boy, and when I asked why, Andrew said,
"Well, we have a baby boy and we really like him." And Emmie said, "Yeah.  Charlie.  We want another boy."
It melted my heart 100%.  Why do we have all these kids?  Because each one brings life, happiness, fun and true joy to our lives.  We can't wait to meet our newest Grumblecakes!


Natalie said...


Jennifer said...

Congrats! You're such a great mom; you're going to rock the mom-of-four gig. :)

Lori said...

So exciting! Congratulations!

kirsten said...

Wow! Congrats!