October 2, 2014

Not Quite Myself...

And now...........here comes the whining.  I haven't really been feeling quite myself lately with this pregnancy.  It's been a really trying two months for me actually.  And here's why.

1.  Morning sickness - I've been basically nauseated all day every day.  Let's just say that it has made my every day tasks pretty difficult.

2.  Dizziness - I had this with my pregnancy with Charlie and was hoping to never have it again.  I am so dizzy all the time.  I'm not anemic or anything like that.  I just feel lightheaded pretty much all the time.  It also makes my every day tasks pretty tough.

3.  Food aversions - If something doesn't sound good, the very idea of it will make me throw up.  It's really weird.  It makes making meals for my family (and myself) pretty difficult.

4.  Mice- Yep.  We have mice living behind our bookshelves.  They like to roam the house at night, freaking me out and making it super hard for me to sleep.  They are also super tricky little jerks.  They've so far avoided all of our traps and everything.  Tonight I am going to the store and buying every mouse murdering device they have.  Yuck.

5.  It's baaaaa-aaaack! My rash is back - This is by far the worst thing ever.  Remember that horrible itchy rash that I had back in April or so?  Well, it's back.  And because I'm pregnant, they can't give me the steroid pills that cured it so quickly last time.  Or anything.... So I'm back to taking Benadryl and trying to find some cream that will alleviate the constant itching.  It has spread from my arms to my stomach, back, and legs.  I wake up at night and just cry because it's impossible to get back to sleep.  Any prayers for patience and healing would be super awesome.

I'm sorry to be so whiney.  But I just know that people around here have been asking me what's wrong lately, and so HERE it is, in all it's complaining glory.

In happy news, we are so very happy to be having another little sweetheart join our family.  The trials are worth the result!  :)


Mom said...

My poor baby girl. It makes me feel guilty that I felt so good through all my pregnancies. Maybe you need to see an actual dermatologist? Could they know of a medication that you would be allowed to take?

kirsten said...

Yikes. Sorry! Hang in there, dude.

Laura said...

Did you say mice.....the rest you can handle, but MICE???????