October 25, 2014

Pre-Halloween Fun

Even though I really am not a fan of the creepy/scary/blech Halloween stuff, I AM a huge fan of the fun and cute Halloween stuff.  Mike and the kids are, too!
The library had a fall festival last week.  There were games, a bouncy house, popcorn, and crafts. 
Emily didn't quite get the point of this game, but Andrew had fun doing it anyway.  Charlie stood on the sidelines saying, "Andy, Emmie, ball!" and laughing.
Bean bag toss.  All three kids liked this game.
 Michael had an out-of-town weeklong trial this week, so the kids and I headed to my parent's house.  We were so glad we did!  We missed Daddy like crazy, but spending the week with Grandpa and Grandma Barnard was amazing!
 The kids didn't sleep all that well, but they did sleep interestingly.
 Grandma made play-dough, and they all had so much fun playing with it.
 Andrew looks so big in this picture!
 Charlie was a little lot obsessed with "Bampa." As soon as he woke up in the morning, he started bellowing for Bampa to wake up.  That is until he would see the cat and then he would be distracted.
 They all had a good time playing with big legos.  Emily made an ice cream cone and couldn't put it down even for her nap, apparently.
 Grandma bought a big pumpkin so the kids could carve it.  They all tried, but it was pretty hard, so they just chose the face and Grandma and I carved it.  :)
 But when things didn't go their way...this happened.  Angry, screaming Emmie.
Thanks for the visit!  We loved spending time with you!!!

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