October 17, 2014

Out of the Mouth of Andrew (and the others)

Andrew is one hilarious kid.  These helmet pictures were all Andrew's idea, as well as the poses.
I made dinner the other day and while it was on the stove I was playing with the kids.  Andrew came over and here was the conversation:
A:  Mom, can I smell Charlie's bottom?
Me:  Ummm......if you must?
A: *sniffs then walks away* No, Em.  It's just the soup!
Remind me to never cook for them again.
 When Mike and Andrew were reading a book about castles.  They were looking on a page to see what the name of the castle was, and when Mike said it wasn't on there, Andrew said, "Maybe we can just call it Gregory."
He found a caterpillar and wanted it for a pet "just for a little while."
  He's been saying the word "espifif" for weeks (months?) and TODAY I finally figured out what it is.  Expensive.  He used it to describe things he made, etc so honestly I never would have guessed what that was.  Thank goodness he came grocery shopping with me.
Speaking of that, he tried to get me to buy things like pizza, ice cream, cookies, etc by telling me all about the vitamins and "healthy stuff" in them.  Very slick, kid.

  Emily and Charlie say some cute stuff, too.  Like when they rock on the rocking sheep, Emily always says she's a cowgirl and that Charlie is her cowboy. They both say, "Heehaw!!!" instead of Yeehaw, which I have not corrected because it's beyond adorable.
  Emily calls sleeves her "sneezes" and zippers are "slippers."  How can you resist someone asking you to help slip them up or to roll up their sneezes so they can wash their hands.
  I mentioned a future visit to my parents' house to the kids today, and Charlie piped up, "Bampa!  I wan Bampa!"  then later he said, "Wan' go Bampa's house.  I wan' Bampa!"  Apparently he misses his Grandpa Barnard.

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Mom said...

"Bampa" is very flattered. Oh, and tell Andrew that I love his block creation.