December 1, 2013


Thanksgiving was really great this year!  We got to spend the weekend before with the Barnards in Salem and then on Thanksgiving day, Mike's sister and our neice came to visit.  It was great!

Watching the parades and putting together puzzles?  Oh yeah!  I am totally keeping up that tradition.  Emmie and Andrew both enjoyed it.


The spread!  Not pictured was the mounds of extra mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, turkey, and gravy.  It was all sooo tasty (if I do say so myself.)

It was Charlie's first Thanksgiving.  He loved all the attention, the rolls, and the mashed potatoes.

Emily apparently has to have a foot on the table to eat her turkey.

My kids are obsessed with decorations.  Our walls were covered all the month of November with construction paper decorations.  We made a tree and added leaves with things we were thankful for.  We weren't super diligent, so there weren't a lot, but Andrew's were the most interesting.  My favorites are 'potato' and 'all of things.'  That's what I am thankful for most right now.  All of things.

You may have to click on this picture to see it, but it is by far my favorite decoration of all time.  Andrew drew a pilgrim on the Mayflower and he's saying "Happy Thanksgiving."

These two kiddos are just so sweet!!!!

Holding hands?  Could they be any cuter?!?

Charlie had fun with his cousin Sawyer

I love this one of Mike and the kids playing at Grandma Jacobs' house.

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Yvonne said...

You are awesome! Such a great mommy! I love the decorations! Especially Plymouth Rock! Made me laugh :)