December 3, 2013


While at my parents' house, my sister Amy said that it was much too quiet.  So my sister Jeanette went to find the trouble.  And....she found it.  In my parents' room.
Okay, not really.  It wasn't me, believe it or not.  It was my sister's twins.  They were very thorough with nail polish, cold cream, and perfume.  Gotta love toddlers.  :)

And here was the clean-up crew.  We got a lot of it off, thankfully.  We both felt a bit high by the end of the process, but at least it looked better in the end.  :)

My brother Michael said it best.  "I feel bad thinking this, but when it happens and it isn't my makes me so happy."  HAHA.  Yep, it happens to the best of us.  :)

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