December 23, 2013

Growing Like a Weed

Charlie is 10 months now.  He is getting so big, and doing so many things.  He can say dada (daddy), Ah-duh (Andrew) and Baba (bottle).   He has said Mama one time.  Little punk.  :)  He also can crawl like lightning, cruise around the house like a pro, and on Friday he decided to start standing up on his own without supporting anything.  He loves clapping, and applauds everything he does.  Wonder where he learned that.....  The best part is that he also applauds most everything I do.  I sing a song, he claps.  I read a page of a book, he claps.  I do a silly dance, he claps.  And I don't even have to pay him.
Charlie is such a joy to know, and we love him so much.

He also thinks that every moment is about him.  When I get the camera out, he instantly hurries over and starts grinning.

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Mom said...

Every moment IS about him, isn't it? Does he insist on immediately seeing the pictures you take of him? I know other kids that the world revolves around that want to do that.