December 15, 2013

An Alternate Version

 My kids, Emily in particular, have been saying some pretty funny things in relation to the Christmas story.
 1.   I mean, who can forget when the angel appears to the shepherds and says, "Ow ow ow!  No, Santa!  Get off my head!"  (Don't worry, the Santa wind-up toy got a talking to.)  "Santa, no.  We do NOT stand on that angel's head.  It's not okay.")
  2.  Apparently Andrew takes the song Away in a Manger pretty seriously, because I had to mediate a pretty serious argument over whether the Baby Jesus was crying because he wanted his bottle or whether he was "just smiling.  Baby Jesus only just smiles!"
  3.  While reading The Christmas Story, Emily looked at this page:
and said, "Okay, guys.  Now WHERE is that star??  Look, guys!  It's right behind you.  Woohoo!"
  4.  When I told her she could go watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, she ran into the living room and leaned down to talk to Baby Jesus.  "We gonna watch Daniel Tiger Neigh-da-hood!" then "Baby Jesus" got really excited and started saying, "Oh yay!  Woohoo!  Daniel Tiger!"
  5. Lastly, I have a feeling she hasn't quite grasped the whole eternal significance of the holiday. When I was getting out the Nativity set, I was pulling out each piece and saying what part they played in Jesus' birth.  I thought it was a sweet little moment.  Then Emily pulled out a Santa figurine and said quietly, in the most tender and loving voice, "Oh Santa!  There you are."
...oh, well.
Merry Christmas.  :)

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Mom said...

Kids can be so funny. Our problem is that we think they live on the same planet that we do.