May 15, 2013

Little Fish

We were in St. Louis last week for the funeral and stayed in a hotel.  The kids were excited to hit the pool.
Charlie just chilled in his suit and took a nap.

 Em loved the pool (and looked remarkably cute in her pink suit) but REALLY loved the hot tub.  "Mama, I want relax."  Then she'd lay back and float while one of us held her up.  This girl is just too much!!  :)
I was there.

Andrew had such a blast, and tried swimming for the first time really.  A funny story - I was pretending there were sharks, fish, etc in the water and would quickly move away with him while saying, "Ahhhh!!! A shark!!!"  Then he said, "No, Mommy.  It's just a fish that not bite.  They just swimmin' and sayin' hi."

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