May 5, 2013

A Sad Goodbye

Sometimes people are put into your life to forever bless you.  Michael's family is definitely of that variety.  Mike's grandpa passed away last week.  He had been sick for a few months, and although we are sad because we will miss him, we are also grateful that he is where he isn't in pain anymore and can be with those he loves that have gone on before.  I'm thankful for my knowledge of a Savior who died and conquered death.  But I'm still pretty weepy around here.  I have found that we have a shocking lack of pictures around here of this sweet man. 

Charles John Peat wasn't technically my grandfather.  I met him close to 8 years ago.  In that time, however, he became as dear to me as any blood relation could be.  Here are a few of the things I loved about him.

 Near the end, speaking was very difficult for him.  He was in pain, and was often hard to hear and understand.  And yet, when we visited him the week before he passed, he asked me how my sister's family and the foster twins were doing.  The fact that he not only remembered them, but made the effort to inquire after them, showed me the caliber of this man.  He remembered people.  He loved people. And he was a very caring person.
 He loved his grandchildren, as well as his great-grandchildren.  I'll always remember him saying, "Well, hiya, Andy!" to our little buddy.  We've taken to calling Andrew Andy lately, and for me, this is partly why.  It just fits now.  It was no accident that we named Charlie Charles.  If our baby grows up to be like his great-grandfather, I will be happy.
 He remembered what I was interested in.  He would ask me about my life and months later would ask about those things again.  He made me feel very valued and loved.  I really appreciated that. 
 He was always observing.  He liked to sit and watch the birds or just read a book.  He loved his home, and enjoyed good old-fashioned peace and quiet.  He was a man of few words, but never neglected to observe people and help when he could.  We always knew we could count on him and that he was on our side.  I love him so much.
He served our country in WWII.  He had three children that he loved dearly.  He lost his own little Charles when he was very young, and I am so happy to think that he can finally play with his little boy again.  He loved his wife, and took care of her.  He loved his 9 grandchildren, and all the little great-grandkids.  He loved to read.  He loved funny stories.  He loved birds. He was a wealth of knowledge. I knew that he loved me and cared about me. I was proud to call him Grandpa, and I loved all the times I spent with him.
We love you, Grandpa and will continue to do so, until we meet again.
Will someone please pass the Kleenex?


Mom said...

SNIFF!!! I didn't even know him and you made me cry.

Anne Marie said...

Yes please, pass on the Kleenex.

... You have made him eternal with this post...