May 5, 2013

Kids and Goodbye Ducks


Oh, Emily.  You are hilarious.  She LOVES wearing this bucket on her head.  She can't see a blasted thing, but that doesn't seem to phase her in the slightest.  She'll wear it for a good 10 minutes at a time.

 Our friends the Talbots and the Reynders came over this week to play.  It was nice to have them here, especially since it was such a nice, warm day.  Porter showed Andrew how to make chalk outlines of themselves.  He sat (relatively) still and loved it.  As soon as he was finished, Em laid down for her turn.  She always wants to get in on the fun.  Such sweeties.
 The ducks had grown WAY too big for our house, and the smell was...not great.  Mike changed their home almost daily, but they were eating bowl upon bowl of feed and....well, I think you can use your imaginations there.  They were still so cute, but the kids' enthusiasm had wained as well.  Before we left for the gym on Friday, we said our goodbyes ("Bye, guckies!  Thanks for visiting us!  Have a fun time with your mommy and daddy.")  While we were at the Y, Mike came home from work and took the ducks to his co-worker.  When we got home, we found a little bag.
"Andrew, Emily, & Charlie,
Thanks for letting us come live at your house.  We had fun.  It's time for us to go back & live with OUR Mommy and Daddy in our nest.  We had a fun visit.  We love you; visit anytime.  Quack quack & enjoy this little gift from us.
-The Duckies"
On an unrelated note, my kids have the best daddy in the world.

 Andy and Emmie listened, very excited to hear the note from their duckie friends and then were overjoyed (just believe me, it's impossible to get a good picture of them in situations like this) to see a Little Einsteins DVD.  Andrew was grinning from ear to ear saying, "I like it!  I like it!  I like it, Mom!  I realllllly like it!  I like it."  So I'm guessing he liked it.  After his initial excitement, he said he needed crayons and paper to write a thank you note.  (Hey, I've taught him some manners.  Yippee!)
 This was dictated to me by a very cute Andrew.
First off, Mother Nature is seriously confused.  Snow on May 3rd and 4th?  Freezing temperatures?  Okay, weirdo.
We've wanted to get a tag-a-long bike for Andrew for a long time now, but they're pretty pricey, so we haven't.  Mike looked on Craigslist and found one this week!  They were selling it at a very reasonable price, so we snagged it.  Guess who thought that was fun?  And yes, they are adorable.
We have a good time around this joint.

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The Reynders said...

Seriously love the ducks leaving a note and present! And I am very impressed with Andrew asking to write a thank-you note. You have such a sweet family :D