May 15, 2013


When we were in St. Louis, we decided to make a trip to Grant's farm to see the animals and let the kids feed the baby goats.
This is me and Charlie (before he had a blowout diaper, covering himself, me, and the Moby wrap).  He liked eating the wrap.  :)

The whole trip was worth it, if only to hear Andrew's laughter when he first got into the pen and the goats started eating his shirt.  He sounded so sweet, and had such a good time.

Emily looked so cute in her "pretty pants" and followed the goats around the pen saying, "Hi goats!"
She was a little concerned when the goats started eating, because they got so excited.  She liked to watch while I fed them.

It wouldn't be a trip to Grant's farm without one parent or the other having to rescue at least one kid from the over-excited goats.  He was fine, but they were a little stampy with those hooves.

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