August 5, 2011

Updates from the Jacobs

Emily meeting my Aunt Wanda and Uncle David. Boy do I wish we still lived close by them!!! I love and miss them like crazy.
Anyway, yes. We are alive. And busy. That's life, huh? Andrew has become quite the parrot. He is finally taking an interest in talking and has therefore become a little parrot. He says the cutest things, has been really singing along, and has just generally been cracking us up (as usual).
He is such a handsome little guy. He loves to help Emily. He can always be counted on to tell me the instant she starts crying. His shirt here says "Worlds Best Brother" and he is becoming a very good brother now that the jealousy is starting to wear off.
Emily has the cutest facial expressions. This one is her "that's amusing so you'll get a tiny little pleased face, but not funny enough to get a big nose wrinkling smile". She is now 6 weeks old (amazing and so crazy all at once). She's sweet, funny, and such a calm little one. We are so proud to have another amazing kid here in our home.
I love having a boy. A lot. And let me tell you, I am completely digging having a little girl. Is there anything sweeter than a little gal in pink and white? I think not.
Tiny one.
I was also called as the Young Women president a couple weeks ago. AHHHH!!!!! I am nervous, but so excited. I really love working with the Youth, and am already loving these girls. They are amazing.

We are trying to eat healthier. Here is a veggie wheat spaghetti. It's eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, onion, parmesan cheese, some spices, and a little olive oil.
Aren't vegetables beautiful? I couldn't resist getting a shot of the zucchini cooking. So vibrant and so yummy!!
Here are the onions and banana peppers cooking. So pretty. I love all the different colors you can cook with. :)
Here's breakfast the other day - green smoothies. Fruit, spinach, yogurt, and juice. Nutritious and delicious. Such a good way to get veggies into Andrew. (The only way right now. Sigh.)
Emily also got to meet her great-grandma Peat. They took to each other right away. Don't you just love family?
And here's my funny boy writing.
This picture just about makes me cry every time I look at it. She is such a special little gal, and we feel so lucky to have this fun, sweet little family.
I made a jello poke cake for the missionaries and the Bells when they came over for dinner. Make a cake, poke holes in it, dissolve 2 jello packets in 2 cups boiling water, pour over the cake, then cool. Then add cool whip to the top. So yummy and so simple.
Mike has been working so hard this summer. He'll soon have a week that isn't so crazy. We're looking forward to spending time with him. He starts his last (LAST!) year of law school this month. Can I get a WOOT-WOOT?!
Martha Washington?


Lori said...

Those kids are so cute! We miss you guys!

timpani76 said...

Little girls are the sweetest! Vance liked QQ more after she became more interactive. He LOVED Sorsha right away though. Probably because he was older. Kids are so funny together!