August 30, 2011

I'm in Food Heaven

When you're in St. Louis, you should definitely hit these places. One is Uno's Chicago Grill (obviously you could do that in Chicago also!). This pizza is amazing. The cheese is so amazingly gooey, and there are tons of amazing toppings (or really it's more like fillings because the pie is so thick.) Try it. But know that one piece will fill you up.
Jilly's Cupcake Bar? Heck. Yes. Beautiful, amazing, delicious cupcakes. Amazing.
Gyro Company. This is the absolute best thing you could ever put in your face. This is the Doner Kabob. It's delicious gyro meat with lettuce, tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce inside a Bosnian flat bread. I'd been craving one of these puppies for over a year, and it only amplified when I was pregnant with Emily. I was finally able to get one this week, and my taste buds have been thanking me ever since.
Fresh, beautiful salads and vegetables. Delicious, flavorful soup. Light, interesting, amazing breads. More please.
And finally, a St. Louis icon. Ted Drewes is the absolute best treat you could come up with. Mike and I shared a Big Apple concrete yesterday. It is the perfect combination of apple pie and custard. You never feel like you only have a bite of JUST pie or JUST ice cream. It's smooth, creamy, perfectly sweet.....amazing.
That's right, folks.
I'm in food heaven.
...and please don't resuscitate me.


Littlest Liz said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. I feel the need for warp speed: straight to St. Louis. Holy smokes. That all sounds sooo good!

kirsten said...

um, dude. now i'm all hungry. that all looks AMAZING.

Lori said...

We LOVE Sweet Tomatoes and had we known there was one in St. Louis we would have gone to St. Louis more often, haha. The corn bread is my absolute favorite! All of the other food looks amazing also!