April 17, 2011

More Than I Can Imagine

I'm feeling more blessed than I can imagine anyone being. Nothing happened, we didn't come into any money, nobody rescued us from the brink of death, nothing like that. I was just sitting here feeling my little girl doing tae kwon do in my stomach, hearing my husband talk to his dad on the phone, and knowing my little guy is safe and happily sleeping in his room. I'm having a little time to myself, which is in itself a tiny miracle. 1. My husband loves his daddy. And I can't blame him. They are interested in so many of the same things and are best buddies. I honestly think that paved the way for Michael being such an amazing dad himself. He and Andrew are best buddies, and that is wonderful to see. 2. My husband is my best friend. We don't fight, we understand each other (typically), and we support each other. We're not perfect, but we're more than just married. We're best friends who got to get married. And it's a whole heck of lot of fun. 3. I am 30 weeks along now. We weren't sure if we would be able to have kids in the first place. When Andrew came along, we were amazed and truly humbled. After that, I thought nothing could make me happier than to be able to have had my little guy. And now we have our own little princess on the way. My sister Amy has given us some clothes (along with some other people) and I gotta tell you. I already know what I want her blessed in, and it's so cute I can hardly stand it. Can't wait to meet this active little girl. 4. Andrew is hilarious, and such a sweetheart. We got to church early today, so I let Andrew draw on a chalkboard. I drew a couple things up there when he asked me to. He then made a few marks on the board, pointed his little stubby finger at his masterpiece and said, "Turtle." He drew a turtle!!!! He was so proud, and my face broke into a smile about a mile wide. We sat with Natalie, Quentin, and their baby Brady today and Andrew went up to Brady and gave him a big hug. I'm so glad he's so sweet to babies. Now if only we could get him to stop touching their eyes... I could go on forever about the cute things he says and does, the sweet way he interacts with everyone he meets, etc etc. But I will spare you. Let's just suffice it to say, I am feeling amazingly blessed.


Natalie said...

Don't forget how he started leading the music today :)

Jeanette and Jason said...

Andrew is such a sweet cute little guy. I love him to pieces and I can't wait for little girl to come. I wish we lived close.

Laura said...

Eyes...JAB, Eyes...JAB, Bebe's eyes...jab, Jab, JAB!