April 8, 2011

So Old....and Yet So Young.

I'm 29 years old (and I just realized I'm also 29 weeks, 29 years old. Huh, that means nothing and yet is kind of funny for some reason.) I'm thinking that rambling last sentence only emphasizes my point. I am old. Here are a list of the things I can remember that will make my kids say, "Woah, Mom. You are really old." 1. When they used to pack carrots in ice. I remember going to the store and eating the carrot ice. I also remember my mom telling me to cut it out. Cause it was nasty. 2. Our very first CD player. My dad brought it home along with some classical CDs, a Simon and Garfunkel CD, and...an African chanting CD. Not quite sure why he chose the last one, but we used to dance to it a lot for some reason. 3. All Disney cartoons came in those cool plastic cases that didn't properly fit on any shelf. 4. When fast food came in styrofoam containers. 5. When we had a black and white t.v. 6. Having only rotary phones. P.S. I still refer to movies coming out "on video."


Lori said...

Ok, the idea of you (or anyone) dancing to an African Chanting CD is really funny! I was thinking the other day that our kids won't even know about about going to the store and looking through the CD aisles and listening to CD samples with those big headphones which is something I used to love! It's crazy!

Laura said...

You can't be old EVER because I am older.