January 6, 2010

It has begun....

Sing it with me now. "It's only just begun......"
Guess who can stand without support now? Andrew spent all day yesterday pulling himself up on things, steadying himself, pushing himself back so he's unsupported, and laughing like a wildman any time he stays upright. When he feels himself start to fall, he either leans back on what he was supported on before, or lowers himself slowly to the ground (or occasionally falls). Seriously, 7 months old. What is it with this Teeny Little Super Guy? In any case, we're proud of our little explorer. (And increasingly terrified that he's going to learn to walk any day now.....)



Renae said...

I love those driving pictures! And he'll be climbing on the table top any day. Watch out.

Jeanette and Jason said...

Sheesh. He's a wonderbaby. I think you have an early walker on your hands.