January 14, 2010


We were watching old videos I had taken on my phone of Andrew. There was one from when he was about 4 1/2 or 5 months and almost crawling. He was laying there like a lump, getting frustrated and yelling, kicking his feet. Michael said, "I don't like it! It's like he's crippled or something. I can't watch this." It was kind of funny, but I understood because he looked almost the same as he does now and he is currently crawling like a maniac, shaking his head no, pulling all the books and DVDs off the shelf, standing up on his own, climbing onto things, and eating everything he can get his little mitts on. Oh, and the other day while he was standing unsupported, he took a step forward (and promptly fell on his face of course). Boy that kid likes to move. I wonder what new things he will do today? :)

I sure love both my guys.