January 15, 2010

Adventure Boy

Eating the letters from the fridge. He's actually not allowed to, because he shoves them all the way in his mouth.

Climbing the stairs! He's definitely not allowed to do this....And no worries. He wasn't in danger of falling. And HE WAS ON THE FIFTH STEP. I was following close behind thinking, " Holy cow. This kid is too fast forn me!"

His first injury. It looked even sadder than this picture portrays, but it healed really quickly. His biggest problem was when he was tired, he would rub his eyes and nose and scream! Poor little guy...

And he's sweet as could be!

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timpani76 said...

You have now entered the scary age of babies (and toddlers). Danger Boy was scary after he started crawling, and pretty much had me chasing after him until he was well into the 3's. Have fun! They are faster than they look aren't they?