October 10, 2009

Rice, Rice Baby

In our newest news, Andrew is now eating rice cereal! (No, that's not the box it comes in anymore. That would be cool, though...) He thinks it's the greatest thing since birth. His first "meal" was on Wednesday night.

The baby's reaction to his first few bites of solid food. (He was so excited, he lost a limb, apparently. His new name is Lil Brudder, the one legged dog.)

Waiting for me to give him some more. He cries between bites.

Looking nasty as all babies eating food do. And yet, adorable at the same time.
Bananas are next. :)


Josh and Jennifer Norman said...

Your little boy is ADORABLE!!!

Jeanette and Jason said...

I agree. Okay, so
#1 - that baby is freak stinkin' adorable (and if you've just tuned in the translation of that is that he is more adorable than just about everything.
#2 - I laughed so hard at your little brudder. Man did I laugh and especially when I took a second look at the picture to see his "missing appendage".
#3 - We really should be living in the same town.
#4 - Good luck with your talk even though it would have been more fun to see me (maybe not so responsible though huh?) :)
#5 - No you don't look like the Mallory from the shows because you don't look like a freaky ugly man/girl.
#6 - I love our family which means.....I love you. Just so you know.
#7- I'm just making things up now so I can make this comment longer.
#8 - We got our "new" washer/dryer today. Yay!
Okay, enough. :)

Veronica said...

Feeding cereal already? I wondered if I should try it but Ava seems pretty content with milk still. Although she tries to grab at my food and watches me eat like its so cool. How's he doing with it?

Karen said...

He really really loves it. I just give it to him 1-2 times a day and he only eats a little, but he seems more content. He mostly just gets milk, which is perfect, but this just makes him feel cool. :)

HKins said...

I had no idea that rice could be this exciting.

timpani76 said...

I loooooove when my kids start the cereal. They seem to sleep so much better at night, which everyone told me was a "coincidence". Whatever!