October 7, 2009

Coastin' along

I made coasters yesterday. They're marble with some cutie scrapbook paper decoupaged on. I thought they turned out pretty well!
An aerial view...
A random shot of me and Andrew. He loves the strings on my hoodies.
The table all set for dinner with the missionaries. It looked so nice and autumn-y, but of course I couldn't capture that with my camera.
Our house looks ready for fall!
I went to Hobby Lobby and took advantage of their awesome deals on flower stems to arrange the fall bouquet for the table. The best part? You can re-use it year after year!! :)
And also, a day late- Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you!!! {And yes, I did call her. I was a good girl. Just late on my blog. :) }


Jennifer said...

So I had to do a double-take when that first picture came up on my screen. For a second there I could have sworn that you Mod-Podged some Poptarts.

Handmade coasters = cute. Decoupaged Poptarts = insanity.

But anyway. Is this really how you people do dinner for the missionaries? Well crap, there's another area I don't excel in. (Not hard, considering I never even invite them over.)

Mom said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Your coasters are cute and your dinner table looks great! I usually just put a pot on the table and call them family. I'm glad my kids are more couth(sp?) than I am.

Amy said...

Um, is Mom including me in that? Because I never get my table all cute for the missionaries. Or for us, for that matter.

Plus... you had those coasters for how long? Like maybe TWO DAYS before you did something with them?! You win the motivated award.

Cute and cute.

P.S. The word verification thing for my comment says "venting". Hehe.

kirsten said...

Those coasters turned out great!