October 22, 2009

Activity Days

I was called as the Activity Days leader at church which is basically a group for 8-11 year old girls. Last night, we thought up some attributes we admire in others, and decided on one we would focus on this week. I brought some scrapbook paper and we made "At-tree-butes." Corny, I know, but they loved it.

Working on their trees.
A finished product.

The group.
Here are some quotes from the evening. Little girls are a crack-up.
"Your wish has been observed......and come true."
"This one looks like a Tinkerbell house!"
"The way to remember my name is to think of At Least, then change the at to El and there you go." (Her name is Elise.)
"If I were over 13, I would go over there and tell those boys to be quiet."
"I'm going to be very optomistic. Even though at school there's a boy that, unfortunately, I think is flirting with me."
So funny.


Jeanette and Jason said...

I think that's a good calling for you. You come up with cute ideas.

Josh and Jennifer Norman said...

I was just called to be that too. Well, actually, I'm the assistant, but same thing. We will have to swap ideas. By the way, I think your little guy is SOOOOO cute!!