July 24, 2016

Things the Jacobs Kids Say Volume Insert Number Here

As usual, the kids crack us up on a daily basis.
Reading together

Mike has been on the "duty phone" for work for the last few days.  They take turns getting warrants on the weekends/nights.  Every time the duty phone rings, Emily says excitedly, "Dad, is that the police?!" But in her excitement she sounds a little panicked.  It makes me laugh a lot.

Charlie says he has an orange house with 100 rooms and a bed with blue pillows for him and Em, and a big door with a "wittle doorbell for Woof Woof to ding dong."  And Aunt Jeanette will come see my house. 

We made a robot together.  they were extremely excited.

Mike's invention to feed the baby quickly and easily - have him suck it out through a straw.  Dads are funny.
 Henry has definitely devoloped a funny little personality.  If he gets bumped or something, he doesn't just cry.  He yells at the person or thing that has wronged him.  When he gets excited to see someone, he laughs hysterically and hurries over to hug/whack/attack them.  This happens anytime he sees anyone in his family.

Andrew is a unique dude.  And we wouldn't have him any other way.
 There are times when I hear myself in Andrew.  A lot.  Like the other day when Emily and Charlie were fighting and Andrew said, "Ok guys.  I guess I need to take this toy away now.  Maybe if you would have made better choices, I wouldn't have had to make this consequence."  I almost went in to intervene, but he handled it so well, I just finished my dishes in peace.  :)

Climbing.  Oh the climbing!  He says Danger is his middle name.

Andrew walked up to the last piece of pizza and said, "Ah, a last companion." 

Emily went to give Charlie a hug the other day, and he said he only liked kisses.  She went to kiss him, and he said, "I want it on my eye.  Eyes are my favorite."
Emily thinks muscles are called appetites.  "Use your appetite, Charlie!  You can pick it up!"

These two play together all the time.  Here, they were making a feast... 

 And here are the guests.

Henry saw a picture of a cat and said, "Meow."  He doesn't say my name, but we won't talk about that too much.

He was being the teacher here.  He loves it.  The kids love it.  And it's super sweet.
 Andrew always wipes off our kisses.  I asked him if he liked kisses and he said yes, but that he doesn't like slobber.  ...  He always wipes the kisses off our faces when he kisses us, too, so I guess I can't be too offended.  :)

Emily likes to ask if we like her "hairdude."  I like that better than hairdo.  I also like "nightengale" better than nightgown.

Charlie and I were walking along and he said, "I'm a very good boy."  I agreed with him, and then he said, "And I totally love you."  My heart melted a little.
Charlie loves games, and constantly wants to play Trouble, or Old Maid, or whatever.  He'll wake us up in the morning with "Mom, Dad, I think you forgot that it's time to play games!"
When we tell him no to something, he'll say, "Don't say bad things to me or you'll make me cry."  Punk.

Henry has started folding his little hands during prayers and the end saying, "Amem."  It's adorable.

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