September 23, 2015

They're Just Funny

The kids always start out wearing pants.  I swear.
   I can't help it.  My kids are hilarious.  They crack me up so much.  I wish I would always remember everything they say, but there are some gems that I'm sure I've forgotten.  These are just a few.

Andrew: Dad, what's yepster?
Michael: I don't know.
A: Dad, what is it?
M: I don't know, buddy. Maybe someone who says "yep" a lot?
A: Maybe it's someone who likes pizza. That's for sure, is it?
M: Maybe so.
A: I love pizza. I can't help it! Yepster, yepster, yepster!!
 Emily saw my cut and said, "Oh, when I was your mommy, I had a cut just like that."
I think it's her version of "When I was a little girl, I..."  Just adorable.

Charlie was walking by me and I accidently lightly tapped his head with my swinging arm.  He said rather indignantly, "Mom, why you attackin' me?!"  I had to repress my laughter and did so long enough to tell him I wasn't trying to attack him and that I was sorry.  He said then, "It's okay, Mommy, but you gotta say sorry for stuff like that."
I forget often that he is only 2!  Such a good, hilarious talker.

I was asking Emily questions about her favorite color (purple), animal (cat), character on Sesame Street (Betty Lou) and just to tease her I said, "What's your favorite mommy?"  Her answer?
"My church Mommy.  Not really you, Mommy, but I like my church Mommy.  The blue one."  Her teacher from church.  I guess those 9 months in the womb didn't make a strong enough bond to secure my place as her favorite mommy.  I can't compete with Audri Detlor!  :)

Tonight Andrew was acting silly (imagine that) so I said, "Ok, well that's it.  I've gotta send you on a monkey train."  Emily pipes up with a super excited "Oh wow!  That would be so cute!  Ok Mom.  Let me get on your lap...I mean...the car...and we will go to a cat train.  PLEASE?!"

When Charlie meets people, he will often lead off with, "Hi!  Do you like my thumb?" 
When he gets his feelings hurt, he asks me to kiss his eyebrows.
Today he said, "Hey, you have eyebrows!  Me too.  They are awesome."

Andrew and I really enjoy the crazy things the other kids say.  Today Emily told us she won a prize - a dancer and a music-er.  Then she held out her hands and started to hum and dance.  (Apparently these allowed her to dance and sing again.)  Andrew looked at me with a little smile on his face and said, "Ai-ai-ai."

Charlie says numerous times a day, "Don't forget....I love you."  To me, to Mike, to all the kids in turn.  Pretty sweet.

The kids were outside playing yesterday digging in the dirt and I told them not to make mud.  Well, apparently none of them heard that.  I was putting the baby down for a nap when Charlie came in and I thought, "That's a weird sock.  I've never seen that befo.....that's mud."  They were all covered in mud, making mud pies, mud balls, and mud lakes.  I got Charlie all stripped and cleaned up, and then went to get Emily.  And yes, in this picture you can see that Charlie had gone outside again and when I told him to get back inside, he put down the mud pie and stepped in a mud lake.  I ended up cleaning him up three times.  The other two got cleaned up and couldn't understand why I said not to go outside for awhile.  A little later on I heard the door open and the kids all go outside.  I said, "Nope!  Come back inside."  I came into the living room in time for Andrew to launch himself back inside face first.  He then pretended he'd been inside the whole time.

I love these kids.  Even when they're covered with mud.  I love them from their amazing eyebrows to their muddy (again) feet.

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