September 1, 2015

The Pie/No Pie Festival

We found out about a festival in a neighboring town.  It was held last Saturday, and with a title like "Pie Festival", we thought we were set!
Although it didn't turn out exactly like we thought it would be, the kids still were very excited and had a lot of fun. 
Basically, it was booths people had set up with whatever junk they wanted to sell, a bouncy house that smelled like mildew, a couple carnival type games, pie.  Apparently there was pie in the afternoon after the judging and pie eating contest.  But we couldn't really stay until late afternoon since we got there at 10.  So now we all are jonesing for some pie.
Our shining moment was when we accidently (actually I think it was my fault) knocked over their "Road Closed" sign.  It was a ramshackle sign on the back of a stop sign.  We looked around for help but got nothing.  The sign was broken and we couldn't really figure out how to put it back up, so we walked to a tent to buy tickets.  We mentioned the sign and she said, "Well, I'm glad you guys mentioned that because we were all talking bad about you!"  Andrew then sneezed all over her hands.  I slipped him a 20.  Not really, but I did roll my eyes so far into my head, I couldn't see properly for two days.
Anyway, as always, the kids were excited.  We love having kids who have fun in every situation.
Andrew was so excited to go buy pie.  He brought his piggy bank.

They are all so cute.
They loved the bouncy house.  Emily liked making faces. 
I love this shot of Charlie mid-air.
 We ended up getting a funnel cake.  The kids were definitely fans.
Baby and me.  We were too cool for school.

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