September 29, 2015

If You Were an Apple, I'd Pick You.

This was actually our second time going apple picking this year.  The plus side was it was about 10-15 degrees cooler this time than it was last time! 

The kids liked picking grass for the sheep and goats.
Andrew liked using the apple picker and carrying his bucket.  He kept lagging behind and then would run to catch up with us yelling, "Wait for the child!  Don't forget the child!"

Picking apples always brings up such great childhood memories.  Eating apples right off the tree, seeing where the worms have gotten to some, seeing all the colors and sizes of the apples, and finding the perfectly sweet fruit!
Henry was pretty much a silent observer, except that when he got close enough to a tree, he grabbed the leaves until one of them popped off, then he would try to eat it.  I didn't realize he was doing this for awhile, but once I caught onto it, I thought it was hilarious.  And then I could stop him from eating the leaves! 
For being such a tiny guy, he sure did a good job getting a double chin there. :) 
Henry had a leaf at this point, and Andrew had an apple. 
"Don't go sittin' under the apple tree with anyone else but me."
She is such a sweetheart. 
She's also learned how to play the system.  I caught her moving her apples from her basket to Charlie's so he had to carry her load.  And this was her favorite part of the whole process - eating apples barefoot while "guys do her work."  Emily=Tom Sawyer

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Mom said...

Glad you got to pick apples again. It looks like you had a good time. I really like Andrew's "Wait for the child" comment. Kids are so funny.