September 14, 2015

Festival, Bestival

We've been trying to take advantage of local festivals around here (or as Emily and Charlie call them "bestivals.")  After the pie festival thing, we really wondered about others, but we have had a great time!!!
 Our first stop was the Celtic festival.  They had it free on Friday night so we took advantage of that.  Next year we should splurge for the paid day, because there was more going on.  It was so fun anyway, though!!!  Having ancestors that came from Scotland, bagpipes, clans, all that stuff kind of hits me right in the heart.  I'm really not even sure why it touches me so much!  This picture is of the kids got to meet some Scotties.
They all loved petting the ponies. Emily in particular.  We saw another nice little happy dog and the brave girl watched it for a while before saying it was kind of scaring her (she's really nervous around dogs).  I said, "Ok honey, but just so you know, you don't have to be scared of this dog."  She said, "I not scared of the dog.  I just kind of scared of those teeth."  Sweet girl!!

Here are the kids being "scared" of Nessie.

Just when he couldn't get more handsome to me.  Look at those locks.

Who gave that kid a firearm license?

 They grow so fast.
Quite the sword you've got there, kid.

4 months looks good on you.

For having such a buff bod, what's the deal with the little skinny chicken wrists?

Andrew bought peacock feathers for himself and Charlie.  Charlie boy went around to everyone he saw and said, "Do you like my feather?  It's a BOY!"

It wouldn't be an proper family outing without someone getting a candid photo of themselves picking their nose.  You'd think I would spot that before I got home so I could get another picture... :)

The calling of the clans - we even got to meet a couple from Scotland that was visiting a friend.  It was super fun, and we refrained from following them around all night to listen to them talk.

Next up was Bolivar Country Days!  The kids had an absolute blast.  Emily pretended to drive the train while chugga-chugga-choo-chooing the whole way. 

Even Baby Henry had a good time!  But then again, when is he not having a fun time?  He's such a happy guy.

While the kids were on the train we got a picture of the three of us.   

The kids were excited to see a cowboy doing tricks!  We all left half deaf from the loudspeakers, but it was fun nonetheless. 

We stayed for almost the whole thing.  As you can see, the kids started getting tired a little ways into it.  They all agreed it was worth the trip!

I love family days!

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