January 29, 2013


Complain-y.  Is that a word?  Well, regardless, that's what I am lately.  So for those of you who will listen to my little annoying rant, here goes.

1.  Potty training.  Yes, we are still definitely working on it.  And I am going crazy.  He's doing much better every day and I'm proud of him, but we still are basically quarantined in the house.  He has yet to poop in the potty, and it is hard for me to get down and up when I have to clean up messes from all over the house.  Which brings me to....

2.  Pregnancy.  Seriously.  I don't know what's wrong with me, but I feel like I have been pregnant for a hundred years.  With both Andrew and Emily, it went pretty quickly (although I'm fully aware of how impatient I was at the end) but with this one, Mike and I both have been commenting on how long this pregnancy has seemed.  I'm so uncomfortable, so ready to get this baby out, and so tired of feeling like a Weeble.  Laying down is no longer comfortable, but neither is sitting up, so sleeping has been pretty restless.  That brings me to my last complaint.

3.  Emily.  She has started waking up at least twice in the night screaming.  She'll scream and scream and won't put herself back to sleep.  She's working on 3 molars, and has been getting super frustrated because we don't always understand what she says.  I think maybe it's her way of showing me that as frustrated as I am to still be pregnant, having a newborn will also be tough.  "Wake up, Mommy!  This is going to be your future!!!"

So, I'm sorry to be so whiney, but I wanted to complain to someone, and I feel bad for my husband because he's had to hear it so much.  :)


Mom said...

This too will pass, but that won't help for some time yet. You just have to try to concentrate on how cute they are.

Mom said...

Oh, yea, I love the "weeble" comment.

Laura said...

Complain all you want -- just don't expect it to make you feel better! And yes, this will pass. Andrew will pass the potty test, Emily will pass her molars, and you will pass Charlie! Then there will be new problems to make you wish you had these back instead. Just thought I'd cheer ya up!