January 27, 2013

St. Louis

Mike had a training for work in St. Louis and so the kids and I tagged along.  We were able to spend time with Mike's grandparents, my sisters and their kids, my aunt and uncle, and watch countless hours of inane t.v. at the hotel.  It was fancy shmancy, but Andrew was most impressed with the elevator and getting ice from the ice machine.  Emily was impressed with the big fluffy bed.  I was in love with the pillows and the cranberry orange muffins Mike would sneak up to me from breakfast. :)  Mike was cute, as usual.  Mario was kind and didn't show up too early.
Top right to left:  1.  Emily enjoying being in the lap of luxury.  2.  Andrew playing at the Edwardsville Children's Museum.  Both kids adored that place, and I did too.  It's basically a small Magic House.  We would have gone a second day but they were closed.  Here he is playing with a globe after putting together a US states puzzle.  3.  Andrew relaxing at the hotel, watching t.v. with his kitty.  4.  Andrew and Emily making food at the museum.  He "cooked" for about 45 minutes, and then was surprised when he saw there were other areas to play in. 

1. After toiling for 45 minutes, here was the result.  Chips, cake, cookies, bacon, etc.  The kid knows health, that's for sure. 2.  Andrew playing in the doctor section.  We're thinking about letting him deliver his little brother.  Look how good he is at taking care of the baby.  Oh wait, no.  This was right before he picked it up by the leg and hurled it onto the couch.  3.  Emily taking the baby's temperature.  4.  Me, tired as all get-out, but having a good week.

1.  The kids sitting with Daddy before he had to head down to the training.  Watching t.v.  2.  One of the cutest pictures of Emily ever.  She was cracking herself up in the mirror.  Of course, cause she's hilarious.  3.  A really close-up shot of the boy.  I had zoomed in for a different shot, but he asked me to take his picture, which is completely rare, so I snapped one really quickly, and he was actually smiling which is even more rare.  He's such a handsome little man.  4.  Andrew with my Uncle David.  I miss living close to him and Wanda.  They are so sweet, fun, and Mike and I just love them so much.  The kids did too, of course.

"Daaaaang, girl!  You know how to accessorize!!"
This picture cracks me up.  Emily was dressing up at the children's museum and was obsessed with this hat and these shoes.  Noah in the background just seals the deal.

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Jeanette said...

Such cute pictures. Makes me wish we lived closer....but what doesn't make me wish that. :)