January 2, 2013

The Last Christmas

We were able to go to Salem this last weekend and visit our families.  It was so fun, and we were happy to spend time with them, even when it was in very tight quarters. :)
Andrew was a little scared of Edward, the dog.  Here he is up on my shoulders. 

My cute husband


Emmie opening a present with Grandpa.  It's kitties!  Can you guess who liked that?  Even though Andrew has kind of taken over.

Emily playing with Uncle Michael. 

The three Mikes and Aaron

Andrew liked playing with his cousin Dominic
Me and Amy

Emily loved playing with her little cousin.  She's a foster child, so we can't show her cutie little face unfortunately.  They were so cute together.  She calls Emily "Hammie" and they loved dancing and coloring and doing all that girl stuff.  :)

Thanks Aunt Laura for the cute outfit!  She screams every time she has to take it off.

Hammie and Cutie.  And Noah in the corner getting hugged.

I love those little cuties.

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Laura said...

What? No comments???? When there are all these great pictures of all these adorable people? Of course it's better when you were there to witness it all in the background.... PS - I knew those ballerina outfits would be a hit with the mothers, shoulda known they'd be a hit with the girls!