November 18, 2012

La Casa

I've been putting off putting up pictures of the house until I could get some decent shots where things were cleaned and organized really nicely.  Um......that's not happening apparently.  It is SO hard to get pictures of a room, dontchaknow?  But here are a few pictures of the house.  I don't have one of the kitchen, but you can just imagine the beauty.  :)  We really love this place.  Our landlord is super nice, there is lots of room, and it's very homey.  We love Bolivar too.  It's been an adjustment for sure.  Even though we don't know many people here, and those we do know we don't know well, I feel like this is where we're supposed to be.  I'm excited to get to know more people though. :)
Emily's room

The hallway, which isn't nearly as yellow as this picture would make it seem.......

The dining room (kinda).  The shelf really is that disorganized.  I"m working on it but can't quite figure out how to get the kitchen organized like I want.  But I do love having my food pictures up on the wall. :)

The bathroom.  I know you're all saying, "More pictures of the bathroom, please Karen!!!" But no, this will have to suffice.

Part of our bedroom.  It's actually the 2nd living room, but we converted it to a bedroom. 

The living room.  I love love love the bookshelves.  And since this picture was taken, we got a new chair and a new couch.  Pretty cool.  (Not "new" new, but new to us and pretty comfy.)

Andrew's room, shot 1.

Andrew's room, shot 2.

I'm pretty proud of these.  Andrew LOVES Winnie the Pooh.  A lot.  I mean, a lot a lot.  We had an old Winnie the Pooh book that was falling apart and ordered another for $1 online.  I spray painted some of those cheapy wood frames from Hobby Lobby, then decoupaged some of the pages from the books onto the frames and voila - cutsy little pictures from the book.  Andrew really loves looking at them, and I have to admit that I do too.  :)

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Jennifer said...

Love your new house! Looks so clean and comfy!

And here's my unsolicited advice comment! Ignore at will.

Okay, so looking at your dining room picture has me thinking. What about making some fabric panels to cover your shelf-full-of-fun? You could maybe put velcro (or magnets?) on the top to keep them on there; hem some straight sides; it probably wouldn't be too complicated.
#2. I love your food pictures!!! Such a cool idea! But a certain 94-year-old woman I know (do you know who I'm referring to?) would probably say something about the arrangement. She taught me a few years ago that picture hanging is all about groupings and spacing. I've used her tip with hanging a few things in my house and it made a big difference. You might try bringing the pictures closer together, and having them evenly spaced between (not necessarily in a grid-type pattern, just as long as there's the same distance between all the frames--top, bottom, and sides.)

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your new home! By the way, I finally made myself look up Bolivar on a map, because every time I saw you refer to it I kept thinking you'd moved to Bolivia.