November 18, 2012

Favorite shots

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the last couple weeks.

Andrew's first picture.  He is convinced the camera is turned around the other way, and has been very frustrated.  He was super excited when he took this one and it worked.  He still doesn't believe me that the lens doesn't go on his eye.  Oh well.  And no, we weren't dressed alike on purpose.

Holding a deflated ball while driving your sister around the patio?  Why not?

Eating a snack in front of the fireplace.

I love this coat, although Mario (baby #3) is making it so I can't wear it much longer.

Emily helping do dishes.

Andrew.  This picture is just SO Andrew.


kirsten said...

andrew would get along great with my 7yo... when he was 3 or something. most. random. kid. ever. ;)
glad you're getting settled in - lucky you don't have much (any?) carpet!

Michelle said...

andrew actually did a pretty good job with that picture. you look really pretty in it :)