May 29, 2012

Random Cute

Emily wouldn't leave my parents' cat alone.  Here she is petting it.  What a patient kitty.

Andrew loved having Grandma read him books.

Andrew has been turning pillow cases into sleeping bags lately.  Cute little buddy.

He has also been wearing my shoes a lot.  He gets around pretty well actually.

Sorry this is sideways, but here he is with his "recipes."   He saw these boxes in the pantry and got so excited, carrying them around and saying, "I weading my recipes." 

Emily watching Andrew and Daddy on the swings.

Emily's favorite time of the day - bath time!

This frog is NOT cute.  It was in our toilet Sunday morning!!!!  It freaked us out.  Mike said it must be an evil one to go through a trip like that.  BLECH.  It just stared and stared and then tried to escape into the house.  I wanted to just flush it, but was afraid it would come back.  I don't know why it creeped me out so much, but I'm still shivering when I think abut it. 


Laura said...

Sorry to contradict you, Karen, but that frog is mighty cute! Creepy surprise in the am, however.

Jensen Family said...

The frog would definitely be surprising! ha!

Cute kiddos! Which park are you at?

Mom said...

Got to agree with Laura. Frogs are really cute. I don't want them in my toilet though. Did you get him to go outside? The pillowcase thing is really cute too.