December 31, 2011

Starting Out Right

Tomorrow starts a whole new year.  Sometimes I think resolutions are silly since it seems that everyone makes them, then abandons them by January 2nd or 3rd.

I truly think, though, that resolutions are great.  It's a good time to evaluate your life, think of the things you would like to change, and set reasonable goals to make those changes.

One of my resolutions this year is to get more healthy.  That means watching what I eat, remembering to take my vitamins, drinking enough water, and exercising.  I turned 30 this month, and I want my 30's to be the start of a healthy life for me.  For the last couple of weeks, I have been exercising and eating healthier.  I've lost a couple pounds, and feel better.  We got a treadmill on the 27th, and so far, I've walked/run 10 miles.  Woohoo!

I'm hoping that recording some of my progress here on my blog will make me feel a bit more accountable and I'll keep this resolution.

What are your resolutions?

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