December 31, 2011

Sittin' Pretty

Sometimes you just need the right motivation.  
Emily's motivation to sit up?  This Hello Kitty water bottle.  She is obsessed with it.
She's pretty content to just lay around.  She can roll, but just doesn't usually.  I discovered yesterday that she can sit up unassisted, as long as she is reaching for or holding the water bottle.  She doesn't stay up long (maybe 3-4 seconds) but we're pretty proud of our little eggplant. 

Sitting.  And wearing adorable shoes.

Looking slightly punch drunk, but sitting up really well.

Right after she fell over.  She's still happy, even when she falls.  Love this little tyke.


Josh and Jennifer Norman said...

She is adorable. When Alex started to sit up, he looked like a gorilla. So that is what I called him.

Lori said...

Man she's so cute! Your captions are awesome, haha