December 5, 2011


Argh?  Is that a proper word for one who is frustrated? 

What is it about religion, politics, and child-rearing that can make people into raving lunatics?  Today, I am super frustrated with those who seem to be unable to respect others' opinions.  Luckily, this isn't something I deal with very frequently, as I like to keep my views on some subjects (especially politics) quiet. 

I believe it's important.  I have opinions (of course.)  I'm thankful to live in a country that makes it free for us to express our thoughts and beliefs.  I just really hate hearing people fight, purely based on an opposite opinion.  My frustration doesn't come from people stating how they feel, my frustration comes from the intolerance of others' feelings and opinions.

That probably makes no sense.  But I had to get it out, and decided that Facebook (the main contributor to my frustration) was not the way to go.  :)  I wish there was something called Fightbook, so people could fight about the state of the union and I wouldn't have to be part of it. 


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