September 15, 2011


There is no doubt in my mind. This is my favorite little girl. Ever.
Emily's loves:
1. Mommy and Daddy - She loves to smile at us, to hold our hands, and to just generally be with us.
2. Watching Andrew - She is a brave girl, and has gotten over her (legitimate) fear that Andrew might accidently crush her tiny skull during his playtime. She LOVES to just sit and watch him while he's running around, and smiles like crazy anytime he comes by. I can't wait for them to become buds.
3. Eating.
4. The ceiling fan. It's about her favorite thing. As soon as we lay her on our bed, she looks up smiling. If the fan isn't on, she looks disappointed until we turn it on. She's adorable.
5. She loves to be talked to. She gives huge smiles and talks back.
6. Sticking out her tongue. She loves to do it and have us do it back at her. She also loves when we say, "There's your tounge, tounge, tounge!" I don't know why or how it started, but she's a happy little gal.
We just are absolutely smitten with this little sweetie!!!


Mom said...

She's looking tall; what did she measure the last time you went to the doctor?

Jeanette and Jason said...

Seriously adorable kid. I miss her. And Andrew. And you. And the bod. Look.