September 4, 2011

Emily Fix

For those of you looking for your Emily fix, here ya go. The tiniest member of our crew is growing so fast, and we love her more each day!!!!
Face she makes when she gets surprised. Here was her reaction to her daddy sneezing. I crack up every time.
Sitting in a Bumbo seat for the first time! That's her buddy Brady in the background. His little face is too adorable.


Mom said...

I love that expression when Mike sneezes. So funny. Brady is a cutie too.

Colton Anne said...

How fun that they get to grow up and play together! She is getting so big and so cute!

timpani76 said...

I love the mix between babies and cooking on your blog! I learn something about cooking and get my "cute" fix for the day.

Laura said...

She may look like Daddy, but there is a lot of Mommy in that surprised look, too!!