August 7, 2016

Fun in the Sun

We got out the sprinkler earlier this summer, and the kids have spent many a happy hour playing in the water.

I love that all-the-sudden-looking-and-acting-like-a-big-kid kid.

 Andrew is such an amazing big brother.  This picture makes me cry.

 My little guys.  <3

How Andrew jumps over the sprinkler.

How Charlie jumps over the sprinkler.

How Emily jumps over the sprinkler.

I love having kids. The entertainment factor is so high.

 And so is the sweet factor.

The bottom line is: sprinklers=pure summery joy


kirsten said...

aww, little kids and sprinklers! (also andrews backwards swim trunks! :)

Mom said...

Great photos. We adults should find such joy in the small things.

The Reynders Family said...

You've such a sweet family! And You are so good at keeping your blog. After James came my blog slipped away from me! I'm trying to catch up and resuscitate the blog.