October 30, 2016


The kids had a lot of really interesting ideas of what they wanted to be for Halloween this year.  I managed to talk them down to a relatively attainable group of costumes.  And they looked adorable.
Charlie wanted to be Tintin, but we couldn't get the costume together.  So I threw together a cowboy vest, chaps, etc and we got an adorable little cowboy.

He would periodically take his hat off and yell "Yeeeeeeehawwwww!!" while waving it around.  And he told his horse to "Get me up, part-ener!"

These two.  This was Emily's "princess face."

And her singing princess face.  It was hard to get a picture, because she wouldn't stop batting her eyes.  Apparently we were going to damsel in distress.

Every little girl needs a unicorn.

Captain Haddock from Tintin.  He told me he would just have me paint a beard on, so I didn't buy one.  Then when it came down to it, he insisted this conversation never happened.  And when we went to put on the beard, he stoically stood with tears in his eyes.  So, I had to sigh and come up with plan b: tying fake leather onto his glasses.  He was happy, but opted for no beard the next night.

Funny little cutie.

Just try to resist that little face.  Just try.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!

Emily told me I needed to be "Super Duper Cat."  So I was.

My powers include batting, scratching, wearing star leggings, and scratching my nose a million times in a 2 hour period and getting face paint all over myself and others.  Oh yeah, and handstitching last minute costumes like a boss.

Daddy is a great firefighter.  He rescued Emily.  Sorry, Mario.  The princess is in another castle.

Cute, cute, cute.

Henry was dressed as a dragon the first day, but hated the costume.  So he was a pumpkin the 2nd day.  He refused to wear the hat, which was super cute.  And he wouldn't stop moving for 2 seconds.....so he was a little blur most of the time.

We went to Mike's work on Friday where they had trick or treating in the office.  The kids got SO much candy.  Seriously, their buckets were overflowing when they walked.  At first, Henry was pretty wary.  By the end, he was seeing how many Snickers bars he could palm in one hand, and literally taking the entire bowl of candy from peoples' offices.  He was a huge fan.  On the way home from the church trunk or treat last night, he got ahold of a tootsie roll pop and even got the wrapper off.  We didn't know he had it until I looked back and he had the happiest, most satisfied look on his face while he was pulling off the last of the lollipop.  Pretty cute, little sweet tooth.
Em got a butterfly painted on.  She was extremely happy.


When I took the kids out to take pictures, Charlie told me he had "the perfect spot."
Spot on, man.  Spot on.

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Jennifer said...

I have no idea what Tintin is! I'm going to have to Google it. But everybody looks great!