July 25, 2014

All About Emily

During church the other day, Emily yells out, "Da-da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I saved the whole world!  Super Emmie!
Emily had a stinky diaper the other diaper, and said to me with a very uncomfortable look on her face, "Mommy, I think I squeezed out an egg." 
 The cutest thing is when she refers to Andrew and Charlie as "the boys" or "my brothers" or "the brothers."  "Mommy, I asked my brothers.  Charlie wants a cracker."
 She gets everything backwards.  She tells me she got pants on her water, or table on her applesauce. She asks, "Mommy, can I hold you?" It's adorable.
She loves to sing a song from the show Super Why, but with some differences.  "I weally nuv to spell; S-P-P-P-P-L!"
 Her newest phrases are "I so disappointed!" or "I just cwying." - said when she doesn't get her way.
 Macaroni is called "pacaroni" and it tastes "num num nummy in my tum tum tummy."
She has insisted on wearing this tutu all this week, along with those shoes which are her dancing shoes.
She is such a funny little thing.  She is an overdramatic 3 year old for sure, but sweet as pie.  She loves her family and has the most infectious little laugh.  When I read her her favorite books, she looks at me with this look of sweet, complete adoration.  We love our little Emily so very much, and wouldn't change her one bit.

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Mom said...

This little cutie will keep you on your toes.