July 25, 2014

All About Charlie

Well, hello cute boy!
 Charlie LOVES giving hugs.  He goes completely gaga when Andrew or Emily hug him.  He adores them, so hugs from them are so awesome.
Here he is chasing the ducks, laughing and saying "Duck duck duck duck duck!"  Yes, our little guy has definitely become a talker.  He says yes, no, yeah, sure, here, He's right there, wee, swing, night-night, kitty, duck, drink, cheeseand all done."  I know there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.
Feeding the ducks
 He is such a great little singer.  He sings lots of different songs, and can even carry a tune.  You can tell what song he's singing with no problem. It is just so sweet.
 He was doing a wooden number puzzle and I swear he said, "6, 7, 8, 9."  Little smartie!!!
 Oh my gosh, he is just so stinking cute.  That's all.  He is just so stinking cute.
Somebody doesn't love getting his hair cut, hence the super short cut.  :)
Charlie is funny, sweet, and so active.  He climbs on everything, and is always running and chasing the other kids.  The other day, Andrew and I were laughing so hard because of how cute he was.  Andrew likes to race the other kids.  Charlie was saying, "Eee, eee, GO!" and then racing himself.  It was adorable.  He is constantly making us laugh and love him all the more.  Our little Charlie is a snuggly little sweetheart.  We love our baby, and can't believe how much he has grown.

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Mom said...

Can you imagine being without this little guy? Such a cutie.