July 25, 2014

All About Andrew

The other day, we were cleaning up the living room and Andrew said, "Well, lookee here!  This room will be clean as a whistle in no time."
Andrew also has informed me that "we call teeth 'food crushers.'"  I wasn't aware.

He tried soda for the first time, and then after that asked for "spicy bubble drink" for awhile.
Andrew informed me the other day that  "Heavenly Father lived in outer space when he was a little boy.  When Jesus was a little boy, he looked up at the twinkling stars and looked and looked and saw the moon.  We all see the moon, right?"  Then tonight when we were looking through some Science books, he said, "I know what marble is.  When you smash up rocks into lots and lots of pieces and it becomes marvelous.  Then you send it up to the moon and when it comes back, it has lots of lines on it."  You learn something new every day.  :)
This is such a creative kid.  Here are just a few of the pictures that he has drawn.  He draws probably 10-15 drawings a day at least.  They are so detailed and special.  I am so proud of our little artist.  And yes, on the stuffed animal picture, he is purchasing a roly poly stuffed animal.  Of course.
 He was eating a snack and his little hedgehog stuffed animal was on his lap.  He told me that his name was Hedgehoggie and said, "Mom, do you hear me and hedgehog munchin'?" 
Here he is reading a book to the turtle we are turtle sitting this week.  Pretty cute.
He is starting to read pretty well, and the other day I saw a schoolbook he was doing on his own where he wrote the words "awac" and "daon."  Awake and down.  He is SO STINKING SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I've taught him stuff of course, but really he is just taking off so well on his own.  Any time I start doubting my abilities to homeschool him, I need to remember how well he is doing already. 
We are so stinking proud of our amazing little guy.  He is growing up so much, and so fast.  Oh, little Andrew.  We love you so!

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Mom said...

He is an amazing little guy.