November 8, 2013

Things Kids Say

These kids are killing me.


A: Mom, thanks for fixing this soup.
Me: Oh, thanks pal.  Does it smell good?
A: *looks in the pot with a disgusted look on his face* No.  Not usually Mom.
A: *holds nose* Mom, what is that horrible smell?
Me:  You're lucky you've survived this long, kid.
A:  Huh?
Me: I love you.
A: Me too.

Me: Our bodies are great.  I like my legs because I can jump and run, and my arms blah blah blah.
A: *Starts explaining the digestion process - a current obsession* soccer-fish (esophagus) and my yarge intest-yin and my small intest-yin, brain.
Me:  What about you, Emmie?
A:  She likes her heart.  Because it's so sweet.

I like Charlie.  He is our babysitter, right, Mom?


Me: Em, come on over and get your diaper changed?
E: No, can't!  I can't weach it!
Me: You can't reach it?
E: No diaper change.  I just can't weach it.  I just can't.

*Charlie was reaching for a toy she was holding*
No, Charlie!!  It's Emmie Me My's!

Anytime we give her something, she has started saying, "Sank you da much." (Thank you very much.)

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Michelle said...

i thought i commented on this post already! i love it! i officially vote that you should regularly do these kind of posts charting conversations you have with your kids. & i think i might just copy you :)