November 12, 2013

Nine Months

Charlie turned nine months old yesterday!  He celebrated by getting the croup on Sunday afternoon.  He is feeling better now, and it'll just take a few days for him to be back to himself.

I've apparently been bad about taking pictures of Charlie lately.  He's changing so much every day.  He has long past his newborn stage, and now he is past the little baby stage and well into "baby."  I will miss that little tiny one, but it's been fun to see his personality grow and to see more what he will look like as he gets older.

Charlie is the 3rd child, so I don't have any idea what his measurements are, and he hasn't had his 9 mo. appointment yet.  I do know he is 21 pounds, and he is definitely a handful! 

His personality shines wherever he is.  We all adore him.  I love hearing Andrew calling him (Come here, Charlie. Come on, little baby.  Come play in my room!) and Emily feeding him his bottle.  Both of the kids like to play with him and take care of him.  He is such a perfect addition to our family.

We love our Charlie!!!

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