November 1, 2013


We went to Mike's work and they were so sweet and had little treat bags for them.  They were so excited.  We then went trick or treating at the courthouse and got to see more people he works with.  The kids were hamming it up and getting handfuls of treats.  And don't worry - I separated out the candies that would be too dangerous for them (Jolly Ranchers, etc) and the ones that would be too delicious for them (Twix, 3 Musketeers, etc.)  Because I earned it.  :)
 The kids LOVE decorations.  Andrew, me, and Emily made some all month, and we had a great time.
 These were fun and we got lots of preschool math done with them.  Mostly they put them in piles and said "ghostie beans" over and over.  They named them, and it was adorable.  (Word to the wise, don't use mini lima beans or you will spend half of your life drawing ghost faces on them.)


Stacy said...

I love thee pictures! And I just had to tell you-- I love love love your hair! It looks great!

The Reynders Family said...

Love your cute family! Emily looks so cute in her ballerina outfit! What fun!

Mom said...

Was Emily's ballerina costume the same one that she got from Laura for Christmas? It fits great now. Her haircut looks really cute too.

Tell Andrew he looks exactly like a white rabbit. I also love the picture of Charlie with a pumpkin -- he has goo all over his face. We have a pumpkin but we didn't ever carve it this year. Maybe we'll make a "dinner in a pumpkin".