October 16, 2013

Little Jacobs on the Farm (e-i-e-i-o)

My friend Liz organized a little outing at a local farm/pumpkin patch.  The kids seriously had the best time, and have been talking about it since.  (And am I the only mom who feels like I've pulled off some sort of miracle when I get all three kids out for an outing and we all get home in one piece?) 
Andrew asked his friend if he could hold her hand, and was so excited when she said yes.

There was a little class about farm animals and their purposes.  The kids were (relatively) quiet and well-behaved.

Their favorite part was when they brought out a goat and a miniature horse so they could go up one at a time.  I was really super proud of my kids because they waited until it was their turn, went up, followed the instructions of how to pet the animals, and then came back to their seats.  I was really surprised actually, but pleasantly so.  I guess my little babies are growing up.  :)

When they brought the horse out, Andrew whispered,
"A little horse.  NOW I've seen everything."

Clockwise: They liked the turkeys. Andrew liked the cut-outs even if they were a little high.  A cow.  Duh.  And they had a really good time with the little tractors.

Emmie didn't like the hayride until it started and then she had a great time.

And they got soaked with the water pump.
We had a lot of fun!

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